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Australian Beef - The Greatest

As the nights get colder we start to crave warm, hearty dishes. Yet while
carb-heavy meals may seem like the answer, our bodies and minds actually hunger for nutritious foods.
To help Aussies get through the colder months, Australian Beef has teamed Jaime Rose Chambersup with dietician and nutritionist Jaime Chambers to create five quick and tasty mood-boosting recipes.
Jaime said, “Comfort food doesn’t need to be unhealthy. Tasty soups, warm salads and fresh stir-fries are the perfect way to fuel your body with proteins and vegetables needed for the colder months, while keeping you satisfied and full.”
“The great thing about proteins like beef is that it’s not only delicious but packed full of essential nutrients like iron and zinc, which help you feel happy, motivated and energised.”
Try Jaime’s soy and sesame flat iron steak with bok choy and brown rice for a quick midweek meal or her Mediterranean char-grilled vegetable and beef strip salad for an easy lunch.
Find Jaime's recipes and many more quick and easy recipes in the carousel below!