Your best friend when barbecuing, grilling or pan-frying. Cook the perfect beef steak every time, no matter how you like it.

Steak Mate

The SteakMate app is designed to help you cook the perfect steak – no matter how you like it. SteakMate is your best friend when barbecuing, grilling or pan-frying beef steaks. It takes the guesswork out of cooking steak and ensures a tender, juicy result every time.

SteakMate is easy to use, simply enter the cut you are cooking, the cooking method you are using, the doneness you are after and the thickness of your steak and SteakMate will tell you exactly how long to cook it – with handy prompts of when to turn your steak and when it has finished cooking and needs to rest.

Steak Mate App preview

Cooking for more than one? SteakMate has that covered with its queuing functionality, allowing you to add as many people to the queue so that everyone gets their steak cooked the way they like it. Got a favourite steak you like to cook? Why not add it to favourites list in SteakMate so that you are only ever one step away from cooking the perfect steak.

Not sure about what steaks to barbecue or pan-fry? SteakMate gives you a list of all the cuts recommended for cooking on the grill as well as information about each of them – it also includes all the alternate names for the same steak.

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