Introducing the Beef BBQ Squad. We invite Aussie chefs to share their easy BBQ tips, hacks and mouth-watering recipes just in time for summer. The greatest summer barbecues start with Beef.

Meet the Squad



"When seasoning your steak, remember the 3 part salt to 1 part pepper ratio and don’t forget to rest your steak for half the amount of time you cooked it – easy to remember and so important."

Pip Pratt, Bistecca Head Chef





"When you’re at the butchers ask for a cut with a little bit of fat on the outside. This beauty is what gives rump steak that unique tasty flavour."

Randi Thraves, Texas BBQ Smoking Hot n Saucy Owner





"When cooking a steak, it's best to always bring that steak to room temperature - it helps you get to the required doneness quicker... especially when you like your steak rare to medium rare."

Mitch Davis, Executive Head Chef at The Lantern Group


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