Bringing home the right cut of beef for dinner has never been easier. Simply follow our buyer’s guide to enjoy tender, juicy beef at its best.

Your Buyer's guide

Select the right cut for your recipe

Most recipes will tell you which beef cut to buy. If you're unsure, ask your butcher or download our Meat Cuts App. Available on Apple App Store and Google Play. If you're buying mince, take a look at our top tips here

Check the colour and marbling

Shop for a beef cut that's bright, pinkish-red in colour with some good marbling throughout. Trust your senses – avoid beef that's dull, discoloured or has an off odour.

Look for the MSA symbol

For quality you can trust, look for the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) symbol on the beef packaging. It's the easy way to identify cuts that will always be tender, juicy and tasty.

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Logo

Make sure packaging is secure 

Only buy beef if it's in properly sealed, undamaged packaging with an acceptable use-by date. Beef juices shouldn't be able to escape, and the packaging should feel chilled.