Japanese-style lettuce wraps

  • Serves 2
  • Prep Time 20 mins
  • Cooking Time 10mins
Japanese-style lettuce wraps


  • Serves 2
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  1. Heat oil in a large frying pan and cook beef mince over high heat until browned. Stir through miso paste and check for seasoning, add a little extra if desired, cook for another 5 minutes until cooked through.
  2. Finely slice ginger and then slice into julienne, or fine batons. Place in a small bowl with rice vinegar and allow to pickle for 10 minutes. Reserve 1 tablespoon for garnish and chop the rest and fold through the cooked mince.
  3. Soak the lettuce leaves in iced water and finely chop the carrot, red capsicum and cucumber into thin 2cm pieces.
  4. Soak bean thread noodles in cold water for 10-15 minutes, then drain, pour over boiling water and drain again. They should now be very tender.
  5. To serve, fill lettuce leaves with a little noodles, then the carrot, capsicum and cucumber. Top with mince, a few slices of avocado and some julienne pickled ginger.