Barbecued T-bone steaks with herbs and peppercorns

  • Serves 4
  • Prep Time 5 mins
  • Cooking Time 12mins
Barbecued T-bone steaks with herbs and peppercorns


  • Serves 4
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  1. Season the steaks with the combined oil, oregano, peppercorns and garlic, and a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Preheat the barbecue char-grill to hot before adding the steaks.
  2. Cook on one side until the first sign of moisture appears. Turn the steaks once only. Test for the degree of doneness with tongs. Rare is soft, medium feels springy and well done is very firm.
  3. Remove the steaks from the heat, loosely cover with foil and allow to rest for 2 to 4 minutes before serving. Serve the steaks with your favourite salad or vegetables.


  1. T-bone steaks are the quintessential Aussie BBQ steak. They’re tender, rich and flavoursome. A T-bone has little tenderloin on the smaller side of the bone and a sirloin on the other.
  2. Best beef cuts for barbecuing: fillet/tenderloin, rib eye/scotch fillet, sirloin/porterhouse/New York, T-bone, rump.
  3. Learn to test when your steaks are done.
  4. Knowing when your steak is ready to be removed from the heat is the key to a perfectly cooked steak. Use either the back of your tongs or fingertip (make sure your hands are clean) and press the centre of the steak.
  5. If it feels soft and springy it’s in the medium-rare range. If it feels slightly firm and springy it’s medium. Any firmer to touch and it’s on its way to well done.